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Power of Parenting Through Play

Power of Parenting Thru Play (POP) was established by a registered occupational therapist with certification in sensory integration and over 20 years of pediatric experience.   We are an all inclusive therapeutic setting based in Fort Pierce, Fl and serving families on The Treasure Coast and Okeechobee County.   Play is recognized and respected as an effective means for bonding and skill acquisition for all families.  POP’s sensory gym provides families with the advantage of therapeutic play with the assistance of pediatric specialists, if needed.

While open to all families,  POP’s sensory gym offers a safe place to address the needs of children with sensory processing deficits and/or on the autism spectrum.   Free play can occur with or without coaching.   We also host parties/events and are able to accommodate families who require a certain degree of stimulus control for everyone’s enjoyment.   These types of activities are important in promoting increased normalcy of family routines.


Our Mission

Power of Parenting Thru Play’s mission is to foster positive family relationships by exploring each other’s needs through play.